Vintage-Style Clocks Have an Extensive Appeal

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Are you a merchant who would like to add vintage clocks to your offerings but can’t find an appealing and reliable supply source? Are you someone who is adding to your home’s decor and love 1950’s vintage clocks but you are concerned about an antique’s reliability? Or are you a business looking for a unique advertising item or gift for its clients and customers?

If your answer is yes to any or all of the above, you will want to explore the many offerings of Collectable Sign and Clock, a specialized Internet business currently featuring more than 750 in-stock clock designs. 

Its LED lighted clocks have a ‘50’s vintage look and feel but with modern 21st century technology. And, in addition to its existing choices, the company recently started offering popular custom clocks ranging from business logos to pictures that customers can upload at the company’s website. All the clocks are made in the USA and there is a lifetime warranty on the LEDs. 

The clocks are perfect for gift shops and mall vendors, car clubs, groups or social clubs. Businesses can use the clocks as give-aways for special clientele and the clocks can be used as fundraisers for churches, charities, kids groups and schools. They also appeal to individuals wanting a vintage looking clock with up to date technology.  

Collectable Sign and Clock was started by Danny Broughton in 2004 when he saw the prices of vintage clocks going up and thought he could make a modern version that would be better. His mission was to create the best backlit clocks and signs in America.

Danny says, “Collectable Sign and Clock is a family owned company with American made products. We can offer these high quality custom LED clocks at wholesale prices to your company. For the collectable market, there is no equal for originality as the lighted image can be changed to fill any market need. Let us build you a custom LED lighted clock.”

Several years ago, the family-run business made the change from fluorescent light bulbs to LED and they feel it was a great decision. After the LED change, they expanded to offer Open signs plus other business signs. They have many corporate licensing partners, such as General Motors, ACDelco and the Marine Corps. 

In looking forward, Danny said, “Our custom work on both clocks and signs opened many opportunities and I think that will continue.”

You can learn more, including seeing the extensive collections in the Clock and Sign Showrooms online at For information, email or call 480-755-7497.

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