The Antique Register Ad Rates

Small (3.625″ wide by 1.5″ tall): $60 B&W, $75 full color
Medium (3.625″ wide by 3″ tall): $85 B&W, $100 full color
1/4 Page (3.625″ wide by 4.656″ tall): $110 B&W, $135 full color 
Half Page (7.5″ wide by 4.75″ tall): $200 B&W, $240 full color
Full Page (7.5″ wide by 9.6″ tall): $300 B&W, $350 full color

Full color is reserved for whole and half page advertisers and the front and back covers. The charge for adding the four color process is $50 per full page ad, per issue and $40 for half pages, $25 for ¼ pages, $15 for small and medium ads. Color not always available for smaller ads.

All advertising rates include a free listing on our shop finder map for the two months covered in the issue the advertisement runs in. A map listing only is available for $25 per month.

A first time ad creation charge or re-design fee of $25 may be applied. There is no charge for minor changes once ad has been originally designed.

Ad prices are per issue. We do not offer any contractual advertising with discounted prices. Our advertisers prefer to be able to advertise on a per-issue basis and not be locked into long-term contracts. Our rates are extremely low and cover a two month period of time each issue. There is no charge for having your ad in our on-line edition.

Reasons to Advertise with the Antique Register

  • Affordable low advertising rates
  • Arizona’s go-to publication for Antiques, Vintage & Collectibles
  • The Antique Register is in its 16th of publishing with a loyal, committed readership
  • Each Issue offered on-line, reaching many more readers
  • All advertising shops & events are “on the map”
  • Supported and distributed in by nearly every antique, vintage and collectible shop in the state
  • Small, handy format serves as a perfect take along guide

Ad Submission Information

The Antique Register cannot be responsible for phoned in ads. Please do not fax art work to be used with your ad. Original art work must be mailed or electronically submitted for best results. Please indicate via email or fax any changes, additions, corrections, etc. by the 1st of the month prior to issue date. Snail mail works as well as long as it is on time.

Please let us know your ad is coming via the internet. Occasionally something does not reach us and if we are not aware it was on its way you may miss out!

We welcome stories or ideas for stories so feel free to contact us if you have ideas you would like to see in print.

Encourage other shops in your area to participate by advertising in The Antique Register, and make your neighborhood a shopping destination!

Submit Ads To: 

We can accept Tiff, Jpeg or PDF files at 300 DPI. If in color, please submit CMYK files.

Issue Dates: 

  • January-February • December 1st deadline
  • March-April • February 1st deadline
  • May-June • April 1st deadline
  • July-August • June 1st deadline
  • September-October • August 1st deadline
  • November-December • October 1st deadline

Distribution: Distribution begins about the 20th of each month prior to issue date.

Contact us about advertising:

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