‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly’ At 22nd Street Antique Mall

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Once again, the 22nd Street Antique Mall in Tucson will host our annual Christmas event. The entire second floor of one of our buildings is charmingly transformed into a ‘Christmas Loft.’

The area covers over 5,000 square feet with over 36 booths dedicated to a Christmas spectacular. Dealers reserve their favorite booths, often months in advance. Then, in November, the entire floor is decorated with festive trees, garlands of greenery and Mall holiday ornaments. The dealers then bring out their extensive Christmas goods—tree ornaments, specialty items and Christmas goodies.

During all of November and December, the booths are manned by the dealers themselves who sign up for specific hours in the Loft. In addition, the dealers usually have cookies and sweets available for customers. The key to success for the venture is that the Loft is alive with the Christmas Spirit. As a result, hundreds of Tucsonans, who might otherwise be too busy to come to the Mall, make a special trip to see and buy from the Loft.

Well-known Christmas music plays in the background and the entire project is a “feel good” event. Based on input from customers, this project really enhances the Mall as a special destination during November and December.

During the Christmas Loft, our TV commercials are tied into the Christmas theme. Since the 22nd Street Antique Mall has been certified as a site for paranormal activity—several paranormal investigative groups have so identified the Mall—we use the comment, “You may not see Marley’s ghost, but you’ll have a Dickens of a time shopping here.” Note that a book entitled Scarizona published by a paranormal investigation team, gives our Mall a full chapter in the book. We have a journal including some 200+ entries in which employees, customers and dealers have described “ghostly experiences.”

The 22nd Street Antique Mall is located at 5302 E. 22nd Street in Tucson. Call 520-514-5262 for more information.

Paul Rees and his wife Myra are owners of The 22nd Street Antique Mall.

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