Thrifting with Purpose

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The thrill of thrifting is in the hunt. The numbers of treasures you can find are immense and, many times, unplanned. For instance, you may start the trip looking for a modern design and discover that a beautiful antique fits your needs. It’s important to keep an open mind but also have a general idea if you are searching for statement pieces, furniture, art or materials that fit into your style.

Seek Statement Pieces — The key to a well-designed home is having statement pieces – furniture that is beautiful, unique and tells a story through the design alone. When thrifting, be on the hunt for pieces that enhance rooms in your home. You get bonus points if you can find a versatile piece that doubles as a creative organizer. 

It’s important not to overcrowd a room with too many items, but to be selective in your choices, especially if you plan to sell your home in the future. These unique pieces can highlight the best features of your home and show off attributes like the height of the walls or lighting.  

Some key accent pieces that can highlight a room are: Secretary desks, Hutches, Consoles, Bookshelves. Tea tables and Chairs. 

Breathe Life Back into the Décor — While it’s a good idea to always keep an open mind while thrifting, you also need to be constantly evaluating what you can realistically do to refresh an item. If you know you have a design style, keep that style in mind while thrifting. Even if you love a piece, only so much can be done to it to make it fit into your home. 

To avoid a hodgepodge of décor, keep this rule in mind: If it doesn’t mesh with your aesthetic and it can’t reasonably be altered, pass on it. Always draw the line on an item that you can’t refresh without risking your health or the health of someone who lives in your home (i.e. allergens). On the other hand, if some sanding, staining, painting or a good cleaning can freshen up an item and bring it back to its former glory, then go for it. 

Learn How to Clean — Before you start thrifting for treasures, you’ll want to research the best ways to clean the furniture you are bringing home. Understanding how to clean different fabrics, woods and glasses will help you make a good assessment on whether to purchase a piece or not. Knowing that it’s harder to remove the strong smell of smoke from fabrics but may be easier with mild smells will help you decide on that beautiful armchair or velvet couch.

Repurpose Materials — If you are a DIYer, you can find a whole new world of materials while thrifting. For instance, a countertop around a sink doesn’t simply have to be a slab of stone. Thrift stores contain mountains of old china and pottery that can be taken apart to form a mosaic countertop. 

You may not find enough of one type of material or color scheme in a single thrift store but, by exploring several stores over time, you may just stumble across all you need. Remember: the joy is in the hunt! The fun is found in the time it takes to track down what you’re looking for. 

If you want to get the most out of your thrifting trips, you must go in with a strategy while also remaining completely open-minded. Consider the tips above for finding pieces that will fit your home’s style, researching, and repurposing items. In no time, you’ll be a pro at thrifting with purpose while discovering all kinds of unexpected gems!

Aimee Lyons loves crafting, refurbishing furniture, remodeling rooms, and landscaping. She is passionate about DIY projects and sharing tips about them.

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