Unique Avery Lane in N. Scottsdale is a Consignment Shop Offering Antiques

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You can expect the extraordinary at Avery Lane – Fine Consignments, Antiques & Art in North Scottsdale. This one-of-a-kind shopping destination is rare in that it specializes in charming and sophisticated antiques mixed in with higher end designer pieces and accessories.

Blending contemporary pieces with old signature items gives this upscale shop the “collected feel” of a super cool Paris apartment so being able to include antiques in her store’s offerings is especially important to owner Darlene Richert.

Avery Lane was recently awarded some major estates that include interesting items—such as an 1864 Square Grand Piano and an exceptional 1800s oil painting of the French Revolution by French artist Léonard Bellivaux (1821-1894). An Italian Partial and a Philippine Church altar from the late 1800s are currently available. Not long ago, an 1837 Austrian wedding cabinet—with the original bride and groom’s names painted on top—was sold.

Darlene explains, “My vision was to create an aesthetic reminiscent of the boutiques dotting the heart of the St-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood of Paris, best known for chic classic design, books and home furnishings. The French motif features slate gray walls with white crown moldings and black industrial ceilings with a vibrant black and white striped wall and elegant chandeliers. Guests are soothed with French music or classic standards and many days we serve wine and champagne.”

She adds, “We like to have a “join the party” atmosphere and after you’ve been to the store a couple of times, we’ll most likely greet you by name. We host special events from “Thirsty Thursdays” to “Bastille Craft Day” to our famous “Consign Star” events where we clear an entire vignette of all furniture and art and a visiting designer has 90 minutes to transform the space in front of our very eyes while we sip champagne and enjoy a leisurely lunch. I want Avery Lane to feel like a party among friends.”

Tucked away on Greenway Hayden Loop—Scottsdale’s “Designer Row”—Avery Lane displays its treasures in an open and airy showroom of about 10,000 square feet. Darlene feels the airpark is a fantastic location since it is just minutes from Kierland and Scottsdale Quarter and is close to numerous private golf clubs, which provide an endless supply of clients, either shopping or consigning.

Avery Lane’s consignor clients live in some of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix’s finest neighborhoods and they turn to the shop because it focuses on high end items and limits the inventory with pieces arranged in vignettes so they can easily be seen. The showroom never looks the same, week to week, since merchandise is continually arriving and revolving.

The store opened in March 2012 and recently celebrated its first anniversary. Darlene reflects on the past exciting year, “My goal was to focus on high-end designer pieces and by being true to my brand I feel that I’ve achieved that. Also, I’ve got a better eye now, so I make sure we have the right percentages of new designer pieces augmented by special one of a kind antiques.”

A small, close-knit group works at Avery Lane. Most have been in the furniture, antique or interior design business for 20+ years so they bring a great deal of professionalism, style and salesmanship to the store. While most of the shop is predominantly consignments, there are two small spaces for dealers/designers. Jana Magnuson is a Phoenix staple and owner of Someone’s House and people have followed her to Avery Lane due to her great taste and design aesthetic. Kay Nadel of Cheney Interiors has been a highly regarded designer in Scottsdale for over 30 years, and she has a space with glorious antiques and specialty items collected from all over the world.

The store is actually named for Darlene’s two daughters—Avery, age 10, and DeLaney, age 14, who were her inspiration for starting her own business. She wanted to provide a legacy for them as well as create a place where she could teach her daughters a work ethic and business protocols. The girls are frequently in the shop preparing tags, doing inventory, stylizing rooms, organizing the jewelry and, of course, dusting and vacuuming.

Darlene says, “My husband, Art Buck, is a busy professional but is always willing to lend a hand if I need him. In fact, he’s the one who painted the black and white stripes and he is a wonderful sounding board who helps me stay calm and focused. My family gets the first and highest credit for supporting me on this wild and totally different business venture.”

Darlene feels blessed to have her older brother, David Richert, who retired from the Navy after 25 years, working with her a few days each week managing the warehouse and helping with sales. She says, “He’s a natural with the clients and it is so wonderful getting reacquainted

After spending 25 years in the corporate world, primarily as a sales and marketing vice president in the private golf realm, and traveling 30-40 weeks per year while juggling two young girls at home, this active businesswoman decided to try something new that would give her back a personal life.

Entrepreneurialism had always been calling so Darlene decided to explore a venture similar to the amazing consignment and antique stores that she had seen elsewhere but couldn’t find locally. Given her background in effectively branding and nicheing private golf developments and familiarity with the sophisticated business practices of a high-profile industry, she decided she could put that experience to work in creating an über chic Scottsdale store.

Darlene explains, “I’m passionate about the creative side of designing an enticing destination shopping experience beyond just a “store” and that passion carries me through every day. I love to sell and interact with people and help them solve problems, which are skills I use every day.”

As for future plans—Darlene says, I’d love to continue creating a memorable brand and a destination unlike any other furniture store in Scottsdale. I love knowing that Avery Lane is now a stop for visiting relatives and for a girls’ day out. I do have a vision for a second location either in Park City, Utah or Santa Barbara, CA, but that’s a long ways off so we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Avery Lane is located at 15613 N. Greenway Hayden Loop, just off Scottsdale Road. For more information, call 480-991-0700; email info@averylanehome.com; explore the extensive website at http://averylanehome.com/; or check out Avery Lane on Facebook.

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