Tattered Nest {Vintage Marketplace} In N. Phoenix Is Flying High!

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Confucius says “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That saying could not be truer for the owners of Tattered Nest {Vintage Marketplace} in Phoenix because opening this beautiful shop had been a long time dream in the making for mother and daughter team Karen Baker and Mercedes Person.

While the passion was there, the timing just never seemed right since Mercedes had young children at home and Karen was beginning a new career working for a local airline company. Life moved on and almost 20 years passed, but the dream never died. It simmered in Mercedes’ heart until one day an opportunity became available that she could not resist.

Never one to fly solo, Mercedes knew if the dream was to become reality her parents, including dad Duane Baker, had to be involved. She said, “I would never have taken on this endeavor without them.” She also knew that having one of her best friends, Stephanie Olness, involved was a must. This would be a completely new endeavor for her and not having any expectations about this continues to be a blessing and a breath of fresh air.

Being in a premiere building with “great bones” at 11649 N. Cave Creek Road in the Savvy Commons shopping-destination complex has definite advantages. Their premises started out as a florist shop and had been transformed over the years to be a “go to” spot for antiquing and junking in the Valley. Karen says, “We just needed to bring the beauty back.”

However, beauty does not come without a price and these creative owners worked tirelessly—adding walls, taking down walls, painting, painting and more painting, adding ceiling fans and floor tiles, revamping the check-out area and, last but not least, making sure the fountain was up and running after almost 18 years of being dormant.

When you walk into the doors for the first time after all the renovations, it really does take your breath away. “We NEVER get tired of hearing all the wonderful compliments,” says Stephanie. “It is just a joy to come to work and see all this beauty every weekend.”

Original plans were to be open only two weekends a month—until the new owners received unexpected backlash from the public.

Mercedes says, “They wanted us to be open 24-7! Of course, we couldn’t do that so we compromised and are now open every weekend! Our current hours are Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We are also open on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.—if you don’t mind shopping in chaos since this is our vendor workday. And then we are also open on Thursdays for Decorator and Designer appointments and special events. Some classes are going to be on the schedule very soon! All That Glitters, Candyland, and Chicks and Chocolate are just a few of the successful events we have had in past.”

The foursome feels that they have some of the best dealers in the Valley, and that it is a pleasure to work on their behalf every weekend. Since the dealers are constantly changing, updating and replacing their merchandise, there are new things to see all the time.

“We often hear that it looks like a new store every weekend,” says Duane, lovingly known as Dad in the building and around the complex, and who is responsible for many of the changes that happened at the Tattered Nest.

Without a doubt, you will find something you cannot live without at this store. Beautiful, shabby, French, rusty, unique things for you, your home, and your garden are available in abundance at this Vintage Marketplace.

And the best surprises of all are the prices! In a store that looks like it should be in the middle of Scottsdale’s finest shops, the prices will completely amaze you on everything from the home furnishings to the jewelry.

One loyal customer said, “When I first walked in the door, I thought about turning right around because I was afraid I couldn’t afford anything in here. I was shocked, absolutely shocked by the prices they have. I love it and come every weekend to see what is new.”

Making changes seems to be the theme with this creative team since they have plans for even more transformations at the Tattered Nest. You can keep updated on special events or upcoming classes by checking their Facebook posts and pictures at www.facebook.com/theTatteredNest. If you would like to make a Decorator or Designer appointment, simply call 602-466-3172 and they will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Without a doubt, the Tattered Nest {Vintage Marketplace} is flying high and is on the path to become the Best in the Valley in years to come! The owners look forward to seeing you soon so “Shop” on by and see them during any weekend.

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