Kachina Dolls, Sculpture Abound In Latest Volume

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Fascinating and compelling kachina dolls and sculptures of the Hopi Native Americans abound in the latest volume, Hopi Kachinas: History, Legends and Art. There are remarkable offerings of kachina carvings and paintings included to provide an overall spectacular presentation of Hopi artifacts and artwork.

This new book uses rich color illustrations and detailed text to document the noble culture and deeply moving religious ceremonies of the Hopi Indians. More specifically, it offers focus and insight on the legendary kachina dolls and sculptures that have served as physical representations of their spiritual beliefs for centuries.

In the book’s forward, California State University professor Zena Pealstone notes that authors Ron Pecina and Bob Pecina have given their readers “both traditional and unusual pictorial windows to the Hopi world through Hopi eyes. Their selections of original and outstanding artworks allow the abstraction of Hopi legends, ceremonies and history to spring to life. The book provides a staple resource for anyone with an interest in Hopi life and art.”

Notable chapters in the book include: Hopi Legends of Destruction, Night Dances, Hopi Clowns, the Niman or Going Home Ceremony, the Visit of the Ogres, Powamu, and both a glossary and an index.

The authors are a father and son team that has also collaborated on the book, Neil David’s Hopi World. They have collected Native American art for the past 25 years.

Hopi Kachinas: History, Legends and Art by Ron Pecina and Bob Pecina, hardcover, 155 color images, 192 pages, is $49.99 plus shipping from Schiffer Publishing, www.schifferbooks.com.

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