Destination: Boulder City and Milo’s Inn

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Over the past 25 years, I have sought out and stayed in a good number of Bed and Breakfasts. Most of them got great reviews and it was a joy to share their stories. From the minute I arrived at Milo’s Cellar & Inn in the Historic District of Boulder City, NV, until I pulled myself away after noon the next day, I knew this would be an easy story to tell. I loved it there!

It was an especially welcome stop after driving alone for two long days from Pasco, WA, with a night in Wells, NV. If any of you has driven that rather barren stretch of road between Twin Falls, ID, and Las Vegas, you know what I am talking about. Only a good book on CD gets me over that stretch of the road.

What was even more special about reaching Milo’s was that I didn’t know I was going to be staying there. But, thanks to Glena Dunn, publisher of The Country Register of Southern Nevada and owner of Back in Thyme—a delightful antique shop a door or two down from Milo’s—plans were made for me. The bonus was dinner with Glena and a lovely evening walk looking into the well-lighted windows of shops in the Historic area. On past trips through this delightful town, filled with antique and other specialty shops just a few miles from Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, I have enjoyed meals now and then with Glena at Milo’s.

It never really registered with me about the INN part of Milo’s sign because the focus was always on FOOD during other visits. The ambiance is always lively fun and the food well presented and delicious. I love their sidewalk cafe and the Inn is nestled up some stairs behind their extensive Wine Cellar in a way that I would never have guessed at what I was about to experience.

By taking these few stairs, it was like being transported instantly to another country. I will never forget how amazing it felt at that weary moment to be so transported! The private Garden Courtyard with a waterfall-fed Koi pond, the large Jacuzzi, outdoor fire pit and BBQ just outside of the four simply beautiful rooms on this level of the building caught me completely off guard. I surrendered to the moment and sank into complete comfort and pretended I did not have another five hours to drive to Phoenix the next day.

My normal self would have hit the road early the next morning. Instead, I leisurely enjoyed sleeping in a bit and slowly exited my room, with a promise to come back to this total escape another time. How fun it would be to share time there with friends, booking all four rooms. But these rooms are pretty busy so don’t wait too long to make reservations in advance if you decide to visit.

When leaving through the charming bakery section that next morning, I was told my breakfast was ready with two choices of quiche fresh out of the oven. Of course, all their freshly baked pastries were in place and had caught my eye. I was so enamored with the lodging that I had almost forgotten breakfast was included—and it is not like me to forget that important part of life!

It was a pleasant balmy day, the sidewalk seating under cover was beckoning and a soft rain was falling just inches from where I was sitting. Never had I sat for two hours over breakfast before, but that day I did and even shared my table part of the time with a young local couple. It was the perfect ending to a perfect destination.

Milo’s Cellar & Inn’s motto is “The Journey Is the Destination.” For me, the Destination was Milo’s. Located at 538 Nevada Way, the Inn can be reached at 702-294-4244 and the Cellar at 702-293-9540. Check out their web sites at and

Barbara Floyd is founder of The Country Register, The Antique Register and Love of Junk, a Vintage Market in Walla Walla, WA. She lives in Phoenix. Barbara’s email contact is

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