Celebrating the New Year – Welcome, 2022!

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by Barb Stillman, Publisher 

Hopefully I speak for many of us when I say the New Year 2022 will be a good year! We have no way of knowing for certain but we choose to remain optimistic. There are many aspects of our lives that have changed in the last couple of years, some more positive than others and many out of our control. The challenges we face have led us down paths that we most likely would have never taken or have chosen but we have survived those challenges and find ourselves ready to take on a New Year! 

I think of the small, local shops that continue on despite obstacles, yet they remain optimistic that the future is bright and they will overcome the day-to-day challenges. They are my examples of courage and optimism.  

For many, supporting small, local businesses has been a way to connect with their communities and give back in ways that have kept those small businesses going. Many of our advertising shops, malls and events have shared with us how their businesses have survived and some even thrived during the last year because of the support of local shoppers. Instead of spending their hard-earned money at a large shop or mall, buyers have chosen to “shop local.” It is encouraging to see and it restores my faith in human kindness.  

‘Shop Local’ is an important reminder that nearly all the shops, events and services in this paper are small businesses owned by neighbors and friends. When you “Shop Local,” you are helping your community’s economy. Additionally, you may make a new friend or two along the way because we think we have the friendliest and most helpful shop owners ever!  

As we say goodbye to 2021 and the challenges it brought into our lives, The Antique Register—along with its large “family” of advertisers and readers—looks forward to the New Year with optimism that 2022 will be better for all! A good New Year’s resolution would be to patronize local shops. And, of course, we especially encourage you to support the advertisers in The Antique Register.  

We want to thank our advertisers who, for twenty-four years, have brought each issue of The Antique Register to our readers! The next time you visit an advertising shop or event, please let them know that you appreciate them and thank them for providing this newspaper! They love to hear from you and so do we. Drop us a note or email us at antique@barlomedia.com. We have a contest each issue where one lucky reader will be selected to win a $25 Gift Certificate to spend at one of the advertising shops. You can find the entry form on page 36. Be sure to enter the drawing and let us know who your favorite advertising shop is! 

As we ring in the New Year, on behalf of all of us at The Antique Register we hope that 2022 is a year of good health, happiness and prosperity for all! 

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