Beyond Expression Antiques in Mesa Specializes in American Victorian Furniture

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I recently had an opportunity to visit Beyond Expression Antiques in Mesa and I must say the shop truly lives up to its name! Owner Ron Hopkins took me for a tour of several rooms—each furnished with beautiful pieces of American Victorian furniture. Ron and his wife, Roberta, have extensive knowledge of antiques and American Victorian furniture is among their specialties—particularly mahogany, walnut and rosewood from the 1860s through 1900.

The chair in the photo on the cover of this issue is a Rosewood armchair, circa1850, in the Rosalie pattern. It was crafted by John Henry Belter, the top cabinetmaker of his day who was known for his innovative process for laminating wood. This set of two armchairs was made with seven layers of laminate used to curve the wood and create a stunning look. The chairs are beautiful from any angle.

Ron just completed the restoration of a Rosalie table with a marble top that he had been working on the day I visited the shop. The table and the armchairs will make a lovely display of magnificent pieces.

I met one of Ron and Roberta’s loyal customers who has furnished her home with numerous pieces from Beyond Expression. Once a year, she hosts a tea party for 24 of her friends and, of course, they all sit down to tea at the antique tables and chairs she purchased from Ron and Roberta. She shared photos on her phone of her table and chairs, but, this day, she had her eye on the two Rosalie armchairs!

Going through the shop, I learned not only about the wonderful antiques and their history from Ron, I also learned about the history of Beyond Expression Antiques. Ron and Roberta started their antique business in 1977 in Bedford Hills, New York. After having much success as shop owners there, they decided to make a move to Arizona in 1988.

Their story is like many others—they came to Arizona to visit, fell in love with this great state and the rest, as they say, is history. The Hopkins began by doing antique shows in several states from their home base in Mesa. In 1997, they purchased a 1920s adobe house, which is their current location and perfect for showcasing their American Victorian furniture and beautiful glassware, porcelain, silver, clocks, music boxes, lamps and paintings. Besides the lovely items for sale, they also buy antiques and silver.

My visit to Beyond Expression gave me a renewed appreciation for the skills and techniques of early American cabinetmakers and craftsmen. I was reminded of what a great history we have here in America and am very grateful that it is being preserved by shop owners such as Ron and Roberta, who love and value antiques. Keep up the good work!

Beyond Expression Antiques is located at 3817 E McKellips Road in Mesa. The shop is open Wednesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or by appointment. For more information, call 480-854-7755 or visit their website: Stop by for a visit soon.

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