To Do List


  • Responsiveness
  • Add style to lists
  • Format Search page
  • Padding at bottom of default template page (like “About”)
  • Add Favicon (in DropBox)


  • Newsletter signup (form is set up, just needs to be added)
  • Footer Facebook button (Header button doesn’t go anywhere either)
  • Change “Sign Up” button to “Subscribe
  • Add N & So Carolina County Register link


  • Padding around comments
  • Display author name
  • remove “posted by (username) and filed under (category)” under title

Shop Finder

  • Make background of shop details tan, not grey
  • Shop finder phone number spacing
  • When there’s no city for a shop remove the “, ” before the “AZ”


  • Take extra “read more” out of slider excerpt
  • Read More active state (loses border in slider)
  • Image resizing in slider (make all images the same size?) *Thumbnails are not getting resized consistently in the columns below either, could be the same issue?

Issues Page

  • Issues Archive: Delete duplicate images, list issues with title not date (maybe don’t display date at all, just title, and order by date?), fix download links
  • Add verbiage $12 fee, and first issue drop down to delivery sidebar form


  • Fix County Register links
  • Upload past issues
  • Put shops on map
  • Update Shops for Nov/Dec